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How to Troubleshoot Dell Laptops


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Laptops are unique and different than desktops, in that they tend to be more delicate and dismantling them requires different skills. Take these simple steps to see what the trouble is with your Dell Laptop. This will get you closer to diagnosing the problem so your notebook computer will be up and running in no time.

Consult the icon on the Taskbar in the lower right corner of your screen. There are several pop ups there. These icons will alert you to any problems that can be fixed, such as Windows updates, security patches, compatibility with software or programs that need updates.

Take note of the Dell Laptop behavior. If it is shutting down and feels warm, and you can hear the fan motor constantly running, then it is probably overheating.

If you receive a blue screen with stop errors on it and the computer spontaneously restarts after you installed new software or peripherals, then it is probably related to that. Try to remove the software or do systems restore and see if the problem continues.

Check the Dell laptop screen for scratches, damaged, missing or dead pixels. Clean the screen thoroughly with an LCD screen cleaner. You may have to replace the entire screen if this happens.

Listen for troubles such as scratching on hard drive or CD-Rom drive or failing to start. Use a multi-meter on the power supply if it will not start. This will give you a good indication your Dell laptop power supply needs to be replaced.

If the Dell laptop batteries are not holding a charge, they may need to be replaced. Be sure to get original equipment batteries, despite the costly investment. Be sure you have the proper charger, also.

Be alert for burning or plastic type smells, as this could indicate the motherboard is fried from too much voltage or a power surge.


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