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How to Troubleshoot an Internet Server


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Genuine technical issues, for example, disconnected Internet servers, keep you from connecting with the online sites that you have to access for both business and pleasure. An Internet server ought to be accessible to you at whatever point you require, but since of service outages, expired contracts or hardware issues, your server could quit working without much warning. Server connection issues are indicated by a PC’s inability to connect with a server or by the server’s failure to connect to sites on the Internet.

  • Check for service outages. This is the major reason for concern when it comes to server issues. If service is interfered with, you will not be able to access the Internet. Call your Internet Service Provider and check whether there are outages in your area or if your service has been canceled. If you can successfully get benefit reestablished, do as such.
  • Contact your server company to check whether your agreement has expired or if you no longer have service with the company. The Server Company or hosting company can restrict your access to your server if you aren’t satisfying your side of the agreement or haven’t paid your bill. Do whatever is fundamental, for example, signing a new contract, paying your bill or changing hosting companies, until your service is restored.
  • Unplug your modem and router from your server connection if you’ve explored service and server issues and both are working properly. Leave them unplugged for no less than 10 minutes and after that connect them back to. See if you can connect with your server.
  • Contact your server’s help desk if you still can’t connect. It may be the case that the company has some kind of hardware or software issue causing you not is able to get online.


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