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How to Troubleshoot an HP Laserjet P2015 Printer


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Each of the HP Laserjet P2015’s two paper trays has a pickup roller. The pickup roller actually grabs the blank pages in the paper trays and feeds them into the printer, where different rollers pull the paper through to the output tray. After some time, the pickup rollers will wear out, which means you should replace them or the printer won’t have the able to feed paper. You can order new pickup rollers from Hewlett Packard directly.


Replace Pickup Roller 1

  • Remove the power cord from the back of the P2015 and permit the printer to sit for 15 minutes.
  • Depress the button on the printer’s front door, then pull the door down to expose the toner cartridge. Get the toner cartridge on either side and slide it out of the printer.
  • Grab the pickup roller cover with your finger on the left end and your thumb on the right end.
  • Press the tab on the left end of the roller with your finger, then pull the cover to one side and after that up. The roller will now be completely uncovered.
  • Press the tabs on either side of the roller far from the roller. Pull the roller out of its spot.
  • Insert the new pickup roller, ensuring the tabs line up with the notches in the new roller. Reinstall the roller cover’s right tab to start with, then the left tab. Reinstall the toner cartridge and close the printer’s front door.
  • Plug the printer back in if not replacing pickup roller 2.

Supplant Pickup Roller 2

  • Unplug the printer’s power cord from the back of the machine. Permit the printer to sit for 15 minutes before proceeding.
  • Pull paper tray 2 completely out of the printer. Turn the printer so the front faces up.
  • Pull the white plastic tabs on either side of the pickup roller far from the roller, then turn them upward. Slide the right tab as far to the great.
  • Push the roller beyond what many would consider possible to one side. Remove the tab from the left side and pull the roller out of its slot.
  • Insert the new roller, reinstall the left tab and push both tabs back against the roller. Rotate the roller assembly until it clicks. Reinstall paper tray 2 and plug the printer’s power cord back in.


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