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How to Troubleshoot an HP Computer


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HP computers are among the most common computers found in homes and offices. Although these computers are reliable, there are some things that can go wrong with them. When attempting to understand why the problems are occurring, it is important to remember that a HP computer is a complicated device and that problems could stem from a number of different areas. Therefore, the troubleshooting process must be broad so that all potential problems are explored.

Install security updates. Sometimes, viruses or worms can cause a HP computer to operate at a level that is not as high as it should be. To install the updates, click on the “Start” menu. Then click on “Control panel” and “Security.” When the next page opens, click on “Security Center.” Check the box on this page that asks if you want automatic updating turned on.

Clear extraneous Internet files. The Internet could store a lot of files on your computer that are unneeded. To clear Internet files in Internet Explorer, open the program by double-clicking on it. Click on “Tools” in the menu bar. Then select “Internet Options.” Click on the “General” tab on the next window that opens. Halfway down the screen is a “Temporary Internet Files” area. Click the button that says “Delete Files.”

Disable some of the software that opens along with Windows. Some of the problems could occur when too many things are opening simultaneously. To do this, go to the “Start” menu and then open “Run.” Type “Msconfig” in the box that appears and hit “Enter.” When the next page appears, find “Load Startup Items” and uncheck the box next to it. Click “OK.”

Scan the computer. If you have a program like Norton Antivirus or another virus detector, run it to see what it picks up. If you do not have a program such as this, many Internet access providers will provide some kind of a service that you can download for free. Check your Internet service provider’s home page.

Restart the computer. Some problems occur simply when a program isn’t running properly for one reason or another. Restart your computer and see how it is running after the restart. This fixes many problems.


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