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How to Troubleshoot an Apple Computer Full Screen Display


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Computers, including Apples, have a variety of ways to indicate different problems, ranging from applications randomly shutting down, the screen not displaying the correct images, or the computer simply will not turn on. Just as there are a variety of reasons for these issues, there are also a variety of fixes to help troubleshoot full screen display problems with Apple computers.

Check the resolution of the screen. If things are just looking funny and out of proportion, then you have either accidentally zoomed in on your screen or changed the resolution. To change the resolution, click the Apple icon at the top left part of the menu bar, then “System Preferences” and then click on the Display icon. There you can change the displays to find the one that you want to go back to.

If the display and resolution settings do not work, try holding Command and swipe downward on the track pad. This should zoom out from your screen to the standard resolution and setting.

you’re using a laptop, connect to a power source. If your computer does not show any picture on the display, then you may be near the end of your battery life. See if restarting your computer helps. Hold the power button and the “Control” and “Command” keys simultaneously for several seconds.

Reset the PRAM, which is done by pressing the power button to turn the computer on and then immediately pressing “Command,” “Option,” “P,” and “R” until you have cycled through three start-up chimes. Resetting the PRAM is useful for any type of troubleshooting because it resets your computer to the original factory settings. This is often one of the first troubleshooting techniques that Apple certified maintenance technicians will try on a computer.

Reset the SMC for laptops by removing the power supply, removing the battery, and then holding the power button for five seconds. This is an additional option that resets your computer. If it still does not work and your computer does not properly show your display screen or if it does not boot up at all then you may have a more serious issue.

Consult your owner’s manual for further tests that you can undertake such as the hard-drive test or checking the hardware and software of the computer through a Disk Utility check, which is done by utilizing the installation disks.



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