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How to Troubleshoot a Windows Mobile WiFi Problem


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While Windows Mobile devices are robust with features, they are just as susceptible to eventual malfunction as their Windows-based PC counterparts. This is especially true for users who may have downloaded third-party programs over time that have gradually changed Wi-Fi settings to suit their own purposes. When connectivity is lost, some involved steps are required to restore it.

Power cycles your Windows Mobile device. This is generally done by pressing and holding the red “End Key” button for several seconds. When the phone has shut down, hold the button in again until it restarts. Once it has reloaded, test your Wi-Fi connection to see if the problem has been resolved.

Attempt to reconnect to the network. Click “Start,” then “Settings,” “Connections” and then “Connections” again. Click the “Advanced” tab and then choose “Select Networks.” The device will now scan for available networks and provide a list of them. Choose the network you wish to connect to. The device will then establish a connection. Test your Wi-Fi connection to see if the issue has been resolved.

Manually reconfigure your Wi-Fi connection if issues persist.  “Start,” then “Settings,” “Connections” and then “Connections” again. Click the “Advanced” tab and then choose “Select Networks.” Set both onscreen fields to “My Work Network.” Now tap “Edit” on the first field. Check the box next to “This network connects to the Internet.” Tap “OK,” and then repeat this for the second field.

Manually reconfigure your Internet connection. From the home screen, click “Start,” then “Settings,” “Connections” and then “Connections” again. Click the “Advanced” tab and then select “Configure Network Adapters.” Under “My network cards connect to,” change the settings from “The Internet” to “Work.” Click on “WLAN utility” and ensure “Use server-assigned IP address” is checked, and that the entries under “Name Servers” are blank. Click “OK.”

Test your Wi-Fi connection and if issues continue, contact your carrier to discuss replacement or repair options. Internal hardware failures that can’t be resolved on your end may be affecting your Wi-Fi capabilities.


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