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How to Troubleshoot a Kyocera KM 3050 Printer


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The KM-3050 is a multifunctional color printer and scanner manufactured by Kyocera. Because of its size, the device is best suited for office use and can print approximately 30 standard-size pages per minute. It also can be programmed to automatically punch holes into pages and fold pages into booklets. If you experience malfunctions and difficulty using the Kyocera KM-3050, troubleshoot it to diagnose and solve the problem before seeking professional repair or replacing the device.

No Printing When “Start” Button is Pressed

  • Check the screen for an error message. If the message reads “Add paper in cassette # 1,” refill the top paper cassette. Do the same with the bottom paper cassette if the message reads “Add paper in cassette # 2.” The paper cassettes are the two pull-out trays located at the bottom of the printer.
  • Add paper to the Multi Purpose Tray if the error message reads “Add paper in MP tray.” Make sure that the paper you load into the tray is the type and size indicated on the screen.
  • Replace the device’s toner cartridge if the message reads “Add toner.” Contact the supplier you purchased the device from for information about toner replacements and refer to the device’s Operation Guide for detailed instruction on how to remove and replace the cartridge.

Printouts are Too Light or Too Dark

  • Adjust the device’s density mode. Select “Image Quality” on the device’s touch screen and choose “Density” from the menu.
  • Select a number on the screen, -3 being the lightest and +3 being the darkest, to adjust the ink density.
  • Press “OK” to exit the Density menu and try printing again.

Printouts are Wrinkled

  • Clean the device’s paper separator as this may be causing the printouts not to eject smoothly. Open the front cover of the device and remove the blue cleaning brush located to the left.
  • Push up and hold the lever on “Left Cover 1” and open the cover to reveal the separator.
  • Remove the dirt from the separator by carefully brushing it from sided to side with the cleaning brush. Keep brushing until there are no more signs of dirt or debris.
  • Return the cleaning brush to its original place and close “Left Cover 1” securely by pressing the area that says “Push” on the cover. Close the front cover of the device and try printing again.


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