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How to Troubleshoot a BlackBerry With Connection Issues


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The reason you bought a BlackBerry phone is to make connections with others through its features, including email, wireless Internet and third party applications. If you having connection issues, it makes having a BlackBerry phones a lot less fun or productive. Connection issues can mean any number of things, including trouble making calls, receiving messages or surfing the Internet. It’s hard to go through all the troubleshooting areas for every BlackBerry model on every mobile network, but there are some basic settings that are universal to all eliminating connection issues for every BlackBerry user.

Start with the obvious. Make sure that your BlackBerry phone has a charge, has the SIM card inserted if you need one and that you are in good standing with your mobile service provider. Any one of these basic troubleshooting areas can be the reason you are having connection issues

Perform a battery pull on BlackBerry phone. Limited memory can cause certain applications to not work properly. By removing the battery for ten seconds and reinserting it, you can often free up temporary memory space.

Verify that your settings are correct in the Manage Connections menu. Go to the Main Menu>Applications page> Manage Connections. You will see the three main connections at the top of the next screen: Mobile Network, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. If the one you’re having connections issues with isn’t in green, there’s your problem. You can turn it on from this menu.

Check that your data services are enabled. From the Manage Connections menu, scroll down to “Mobile Network Options.” Once inside, you see “On” in the field next to Data Services. If it says “Off,” change it to see if your connection issues stop.

Contact your mobile service provider for more network specific assistance if the above troubleshooting areas are all working. The technical support can resend your service books or assist you in reinstalling your operating system if you are still having connection problems.


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