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How to Transfer Quicken to New Computer?


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How to Transfer Quicken to New Computer? You can transfer Quicken to new computer if you want to upgrade your system or work on two different computers. Moving your files along with the program, however, takes some planning, but it can be done by following a few steps and using a few different methods.

Transfer Quicken to New Computer

  • Download the Presto Transfer Quicken program to help you safely and legally move Quicken files between computers. The program is available as a free trial from a variety of websites. Keep in mind that it allows for just one free transfer, and once completed, the transfer cannot be undone.

  • Buy the full version of the Presto Transfer Quicken program if you want to move Quicken to new computer or transfer the files back. The program is inexpensive, and some people assert that it represents the best way to move files fully and safely.
  • Link the two computers in a network. This can be done through a network adapter and a crossover cable, both of which can be purchased at any computer or office-supply store. More complicated, wireless systems are also available, but the basic method should be fine if your intention is to move and save files.
  • Look for sites that back up files online. The Quicken Online Backup Service offers a free, 30-day trial, followed by a service that charges a small amount every month to store any transactions you do in Quicken (see Resources below). While the program was originally created to protect users in case of computer crashes, it’s certainly useful in the case of moving files to new computer.
  • Install Quicken again before you go any further. Unless the program itself is present on the new computer, you probably won’t be able to access any files, even if the computers are networked.


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