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How to Synchronize Quicken with Outlook


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Intuit’s popular personal finance managerial program, Quicken, allows users to keep track of all manner of finance-related issues. The software lets users set savings goals, track income, enter payment records and organize their personal finances in a way that makes sense. Quicken is capable of synchronizing contact information from other contact management programs such as Microsoft Outlook through the “Intellisync” add-on included with the software. Once installed, “Intellisync” will import the contacts from Outlook every time the user syncs from inside Quicken.How to Sync Quicken With Outlook ?

  • Launch Quicken from the desktop shortcut or the “Start” menu.

synchronize quicken & outlook

  • Click “Tools menu,” then “Address Book.”

How to Sync Quicken With Outlook

  • Click “Sync.”

How to Synchronize Quicken With Outlook

  • Click “Setup” and follow the onscreen instructions to configure the Intellisync software to work with Outlook.
  • Click “Sync” to perform the synchronization between Quicken and Outlook.

If you are facing issues to synchronize quicken & outlook ,call Quicken Outlook Tech Support  1-800-293-9401.

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