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How to Sync QuickBooks


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Intuit QuickBooks software is designed to be an accounting tool for small businesses. Used not only for backup services but also for other management tools that require your company data, sync uploads your company information to Intuit’s secure servers. Syncing is not a requirement for using QuickBooks out of the box but is required for some of the extra services Intuit offers.

  • Open QuickBooks and log in to the company file that you wish to sync.
  • Click on “Online Services” on the option bar in QuickBooks, and then choose “Set up Intuit Sync Manager.”
  • Log in to your Intuit account on the pop-up screen that appears, then select the business profile that matches the company file you have open.
  • Click “Start Sync Now.” After this initial sync, syncing will be done automatically unless you choose to disable it.
  • To avoid losing data, sync must only be active on one computer in your business.
  • Syncing is only offered on versions 9.0 or later of QuickBooks.

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