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How to set up ePrint


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Many Hewlett-Packard Co. printers include a feature called ePrint, which enables you to print images or documents from any network-connected device. This includes desktop and laptop computers, tablets and phones. EPrint works by setting up an email address for the ePrint printer to receive emails from the other network devices. When the printer receives an email, it prints the item attached to the email. Not all HP printers have this feature, so confirm that your printer model has the feature by checking HP’s website.

Determine the printer’s current firmware version. On the control panel, press the “Setup” button. Press the “Right Arrow” button to select “Reports” and then press “OK.” Press the “Right Arrow” button again to select “Config Report” and then press “OK” to print a configuration report.

Go to HP’s Software and Driver Downloads page. Enter your printer model number or product name in the support page and press “Go.” Compare the firmware version printed on the configuration report to the latest version from HP. If the HP version is newer than the one on the configuration report, download and install the latest firmware before continuing.

Locate the printer’s IP address on the configuration report. In your Internet browser, enter this IP address in the browser address bar and press “Enter.” Click the “HP Web Services” tab and then click the “Enable” button. Click “Print Info Sheet” to print an information page.

Register your printer with HP Connect. If you have not done so already, click “Create Account” and enter your information into the form. After you register and are in the Welcome to HP Connected window, click “Continue,” followed by the “Devices” tab. Click “Add a Device” and enter the printer’s claim code from the page printed from the HP Web Services site. Click “Add” and then “OK.”

Click on the “Devices” tab and locate the icon for your printer. Next to the icon, click “Settings.” Under the current email address, click “Change Address.” Enter the email address you want to use for this printer’s ePrint feature. If the address is not available, try a new address until the address is accepted.

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