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How to Scroll in Chrome


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Many Web pages don’t display completely in the Google Chrome window. To view everything on the page, you need to scroll up and down. In the past, some hardware configurations didn’t work well with Chrome, making scrolling difficult. However, Google fixed those issues. Now, you can scroll in Chrome in the same way that you do in other Web browsers.

Google chrome

Google chrome

  • Click the “Scroll” bar on the right side of the Chrome window. Clicking anywhere on the bar jumps to that point on the page. Drag the filled-in portion of the bar to scroll more smoothly.
  • Click the “Up” and “Down” arrows at the top and bottom of the Scroll bar for another way to scroll either up or down.
  • Press your keyboards “Up” and “Down” arrows for an alternate method.
  • Move your mouse’s Scroll wheel, if it has one, for yet another method of scrolling in Chrome. On a PC touchpad, drag your finger up and down on the right edge of the pad to scroll. On a Mac touchpad, you can drag two fingers up and down anywhere on the pad to scroll.
  • Press the “Space” bar on your keyboard to jump down the page.


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