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How to resolve Laptop audio issue


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Just about every laptop comes with a sound device and sound drivers with the option of adding an external sound output. But for reason unknown, suddenly you’re laptop’s sound may stop working.

Giving this being the case there might be times where the lack of sound from your laptop can cause serious frustration. What you’ll find below are some of the more common and quickest way’s to restore sound to your laptop computer.

Many times it can be as simple as the sound button being turned off. On most laptops there is a ‘Mute’ button or an ‘Off’ button usually located on the upper side of your laptop keyboard near the number # keys.

If this is the not the issue, then you check another method by clicking on your speaker icon, found o the lower bottom side of your screen in the Windows taskbar (depending on where you keep your taskbar). Some people prefer it on the top of their screen or on the right or left side, but whichever the case you will see a small icon that emulates a picture of a speaker.

Click the speak icon >>> then either adjust the volume level to reactivate the sound >>> or click the speak icon within the visual pop that occurs after clicking the icon within your taskbar.

Another more serious malfunction that can cause a ‘No Sound’ problem is if there is a problem with your sound driver. Sometimes when you’re computer does a system update, there are conflicts between the new updates and of the current sound drivers already installed.

If you think that this is the case then the easiest thing to do is to look and see if there are any updated drivers available.

Perform a manual system update, you can locate this control by >>> clicking on the start menu icon at lower left hand corner of your screen >>> then locate control panel >>> then locate system and security >>> Check for updates.

You can also check out >>> Hardware and Sound devices within your control panel and see if there are some configurations you can adjust to help get your sound back.

Also check to make sure your sound drivers are correctly working, by typing into your start menu search field ‘Device Manager’ you should get an image that looks similar to this below.

Overall these are the most likely issues preventing your laptop from producing sound. In some very rare cases there is a conflict between programs that can cause an issue as well. If you have installed a program recently, which was then followed by the lack of sound on your system, it might be best to uninstall the program or to try doing a system restore to get your system back to how it was before.


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