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How to Reset the Drum on an Okidata Laser Printer


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All laser printers use a drum coated with a photo-conductive medium that charges as the drum rotates. A laser beam removes this charge as it touches the drum, then the toner draws to places on the drum that still have an electrostatic charge, coating the drum with the print for the page. Resetting the drum counter on the OKI Data laser printer allows you to have a correct count of pages the image drum printed after you replaced the drum. The image drum on the B4200 and B4300 printers, for example, should last about 25,000 pages, although this number can vary due to the paper type you use, humidity and temperature.

OKI B4200

  • Start the status-monitor by clicking “Start,” “Programs,” then select “Status Monitor” on your computer. The status-monitor shows you the printer’s operations as you use it.
  • Click the “Printer Setup” tab, then click the “Menu” button and the “Maintenance 1” tab.
  • Click the “Reset” button located next to the drum counter. Click the “OK” button, which resets the drum counter.

OKI B4200 Without the Status Monitor

  • Switch your OKI Data printer to the “Off” position.
  • Open the top cover of the printer.
  • Locate the operator panel beneath the indicator lights, then press the gray oval button and hold it.
  • Switch the OKI Data printer to the “On” position while you continue holding down the gray button. This procedure resets the drum counter.

OKI B4300

  • Take the printer offline by pressing the “Online” button, located on the operator panel on the top of the OKI Data printer.
  • Press the “Menu” button until you see “Maintenance Menu” on the operator-panel LCD. Press the “Select” button.
  • Press the “Item” button until you see “Drum Count Reset” displayed.
  • Reset the drum counter by pressing the “Select” button.
  • Press the “Online” button to return the printer online.


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