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How to Repair a Canon i80 Printer


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The Canon i80 Color Bubble Jet Printer is a high-performance colored printer, manufactured by Canon, for home and office use. The printer’s high-resolution capabilities make it ideal for printing detailed graphics and photos. Additionally, the Canon i80 has a special port where you can connect your digital camera directly so that you can print photos without using a computer. If you experience errors or malfunctions with the Canon i80, troubleshoot it to diagnose and solve the problem before seeking professional repair.

Paper Feeding Error

  • Ensure that the paper is of an appropriate thickness. Paper used in the Canon i80 should be no less than 64 gsm and no more than 105 gsm. The thickness of the paper should be labeled on the packaging it came in.
  • Ensure that the paper is not wrinkled or folded. If it is, replace it with smooth, flat paper and try printing again.
  • Clean the paper feed roller if Steps 1 and 2 don’t solve the problem. Turn the printer off and remove paper from the paper loading tray.
  • Press and hold down the “Resume/Cancel” button. Release the button after the “Power” light flashes three times. The paper feed roller will begin to rotate and clean itself.
  • Load a stack of plain white paper into the printer and repeat Step 4. The loaded paper will feed through the printer and eject, which will complete the cleaning process of the paper feed roler.

Paper Jam

  • Pull the jammed paper out of the printer. Do this either through the paper output slot, the place where the printed document comes out, or the paper feed. Make sure to do this carefully to prevent damaging the printer.
  • Open the cover of the printer and remove any remaining pieces of paper that may be jammed in the device’s printhead.
  • Close the printer cover, reload the paper tray if necessary and press the “Resume/Cancel” button to resume the print job.


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