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How to remove Bing Bar Toolbar


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Are you unhappy with the presence of the Bing Bar toolbar? Is it occupying a lot of browser screen space? Do you want to remove it because you find it annoying?

Well, whatever your reasons for removing Bing Bar toolbar, it can actually be removed very easily. Here are the steps you need to perform to remove Bing Bar toolbar from Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Remove Bing Bar toolbar from Internet Explorer

To remove Bing Bar toolbar from IE browser, perform these steps:

1-Open Internet Explorer by clicking its icon on the desktop or the taskbar

2-Click Tools, located on the right-hand side, and then click Manage Add-ons

3-Browse through the options in the right pane to locate Bing Bar

4-Select Bing Bar by clicking it, and then click the Disable button at the bottom of the window

5-Select the box before Bing Bar BHO under the heading Bing Bar in the Disable Add-on window

6-Click the Disable button

Remove Bing Bar from Firefox

To remove Bing Bar from Firefox, perform the following steps:

1-Open Firefox by clicking its icon in the desktop or the taskbar

2-Click Tools, and then Add-ons

3-Locate and select Bing Bar in the Add-ons window, and then click the Disable button

How to uninstall Bing Bar completely

If you want to uninstall Bing Bar completely from your computer, perform these steps:

1-Close any open browser window

2-Click the Windows icon in the taskbar, and then click Control Panel

3-Click Add or Remove programs

4-Locate and select Bing Bar

5-Click the Uninstall button

Removing Bing Bar toolbar may have a positive effect on your computer’s performance. However, the effect is not expected to be significant. If, in addition to removing Bing Bar, you want to improve your computer’s performance, you must do the following:

Run Disk Cleanup regularly

A built-in utility, Disk Cleanup does two things: (1) it tells you the type of files you can safely delete and (2) permanently delete the selected files. You should run this utility once every 15 days.

Run Disk Defragmenter regularly

This built-in utility not only speeds up your computer’s performance, but it also prevents hard disk errors. You should run this utility once every 30 days.


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