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How to Recuperate Emails from Outlook Data File


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In today’s life, email is the most preferred way for communication and sharing of information with so many people easily compared to any other way. For this mailing purpose, Outlook is most efficient and popular to so many people all over the world. People admire it due to its various advantages other than email. Microsoft Outlook assists people to manage contacts, calendar, notes etc. with the mailing facility. Outlook used to store the entire data along with the sitting in a special type of file called PST file. Besides all these advantages, user may fall in trouble when any important mail is deleted from the profile or lost from the PST file. If you do not have any backup of your PST file, to find mail from Outlook data file you have to employ third party Mail Recovery software. It is an advanced tool designed to recover mails deleted in different situations.

In most common cases, emails are deleted accidentally from your Outlook data file. You may select any important email trying to delete some unwanted mails unintentionally and delete them using “Shift + Delete” keys. In addition, you can empty the deleted items folder without checking for any important emails. In both the cases, emails are deleted from the PST file and you can’t restore them manually. For this crucial condition, you must use this mail recovery application to get back those deleted items. This restoration utility has an advanced scanning process to find the PST file from where you have deleted the email. It can perform email recovery on all versions of Outlook.

For every Outlook version the size of its PST file is fixed and it may be corrupted if you continuously store files when it is full. Compact operation is useful to save disk space when the PST file is going to be full. Any of your email may deleted if any interruption or error occurs at the time of compaction operation; you can easily find it using this advanced program. The only way to get back those deleted emails easily from the Outlook is to employ this mail recovery program. Moreover, you can use this tool to restore emails deleted due to anti-virus scanning. If you receive any virus infected email, it will be deleted immediately by the installed antivirus on your system without any notification.

Using this efficient application you can restore emails on Outlook 2007 when the PST files of your mailbox become full. Emails may be deleted after header corruption of the PST file. Header of any file is a vital component of the file. If the header of the PST file get corrupted due to power failure, system shut down when the Outlook is open. PST file may also be corrupted due to virus attack. In all the cases, after header corruption the PST file is severely corrupted which results deletion of emails from the PST file. Sometimes, we need to upgrade our Outlook version with the publish of new version of Outlook. But, if the new version is incompatible to the system or any interruption occur at the time of up gradation, emails may be deleted with PST file corruption. The software is so powerful that it can handle any deletion situation including this efficiently. If you want to restore email from OST file visit the link:

Perform the below steps to recover mails from Outlook:

Step 1: Launch the free version of Mail Recovery Software to retrieve deleted mails from Outlook. The Main Window will be appear with the options like “Open PST file”, “Find PST file” and “Select Outlook Profile”.

Step 2: If the location of PST file is known then select “Open PST File” option and then click on “Browse” option to select the specific PST file as shown in Fig B. Otherwise, select “Find PST File” option, if you do not know the location of PST file. To recover mail from any specific Outlook profile select “Select Outlook Profile” option and then click on “Next”.

Step 3: After that click on “Repair” button to initiate the repair process. After completing the process, you can preview recovered emails from Microsoft Outlook.

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