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How to Recover My Email


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Emails disappear for a variety of reasons. If you don’t log into a free email account in a specific amount of time, that email provider might delete your emails. If your computer has a virus or someone hacks it, you might also lose emails. Recovery is an easy process, but it doesn’t always work, which means you might have to try three or four different approaches before you find your missing emails. Depending on why they disappeared, you might not find all of them again.

  • Search your computer for a copy of the emails that are missing. The “search” function is found in the start menu of most operating systems. Search for email subject lines, the word “email” or the addresses of the people who send email to you. See if your computer made a copy of them anywhere.
  • Contact your email company. For free email accounts, like Hotmail and Gmail, you can find a “help desk” or a “contact us” link somewhere in your account. PC User says that if you click on the link to follow instructions for contact, you will be able to email them. If you have another type of email account, such as a school account or a business account, contact them with the information you have for your email company.
  • Explain to your email provider that your emails are missing. If the explanation is sufficient to the provider, it might be able to restore the emails. If you were hacked or had a virus, the email company usually restores the emails. However, if your emails disappeared because of lack of logging in and using the service, they are usually gone forever.
  • Purchase or download an email restoration program. Run this program on your computer to restore as many emails or missing files as possible.


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