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How to Recover Deleted Files from Emptied Recycle Bin


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“If Recycle Bin has been emptied, is it possible to¬†recover deleted files from recycle bin?” Many people asked the same question online. To continue reading this guide, you will get some clues here.

Every Windows computer has a recycle bin which preserves the information such as name, size, type, date and original location of every deleted file. If you delete files from hard drive by clicking Delete or dragging to recycle bin, these deleted files will be kept in recycle bin. Anytime when you are in need of the files deleted, you can browse the recycle bin and click restore to get them back easily.

Is it possible to restore files deleted or emptied from recycle bin?

When files deleted or emptied from recycle bin, actually they are not gone permanently from your computer. Instead, these deleted files will be saved on hard drive as Raw data. Only when the raw data has been overwritten or erased from file system, the deleted files will disappear forever. It indicates that you still have a chance of recovering deleted files from recycle bin. So it’s a sensible choice to undo empty recycle bin as early as possible when you recognized the wrong deletion.

Steps of restoring files deleted from recycle bin

1-Install undelete files software and choose Hard Drive

The Kvisoft undelete recycle bin software is free to try that its free trial version can help you scan and preview files erased from recycle bin. After you installed it, please click Hard Drive.

2-Select system disk and Deep Scan

Select the original partition where deleted the files, and then chose Deep Scan mode. Afterwards, please click Start to go ahead to scan and find deleted files from emptied recycle bin.

Scan/preview/retrieve deleted files from recycle bin

The scanned files will be showed by category on left panel as soon as possible. During the deleted file scanning, you can navigate and preview scanned images, videos, music, documents and etc before restoring delete files from recycle bin.
Once you found the specific file(s) which you need, please stop scanning process and click Recovery button. Then you will be notified to select a path to save the files. It only takes a while to restore files deleted from recycle bin.

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