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How to Reconfigure an HP Printer


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Hewlett Packard (HP) manufactures various peripherals to enhance your PC’s functions, including a few model series of printers. One of the advantages of these printers is that they will work with must PCs, if you configure the settings accurately. When there are mistakes in the settings or you have rolled out critical improvements in your PC’s operating system, you may need to reinstall the HP printer for it to work appropriately.


  • Disconnect any physical connections between your HP printer and your PC. Click “Start.” Click “Devices and Printers.” Highlight the HP printer being referred to. Right click on it. Click “Remove device” to uninstall it from your PC.
  • Insert the installation disc that come with your HP printer into the CD/DVD drive of your PC. Click “Start” if the installation wizard does not begin consequently. Click “PC.” Double-click the letter related with your CD/DVD drive to start the installation wizard.
  • Click “install” on the main screen to start checking your PC for the required records. Click “Next” on the Welcome screen that shows up. Click “Next” on the screen requesting that you not hinder any HP forms if your firewall approaches you for authorization to run the programs.
  • Select “Yes” to permit HP to install software updates automatically to your PC. Click “Next.” Choose whether to install the recommended settings or to choose every component manually. Click “Next.”
  • Read HP’s licensing terms and click “I agree” to move ahead. Click “Next” after the screen destination folder for the installation files. Check the case on the following screen in the event that you need an alternate way to HP software to show up on your desktop. Click “Next.”
  • Connect your HP printer to your PC utilizing the USB cable that accompanied your printer. Click “Next” when the screen demonstrates that the PC perceives the HP printer. Restart your PC when incited by the installation wizard.
  • Click “Complete” after your PC restarts and the installation wizard demonstrates that it has completed the last phase of installation.
  • Hewlett Packard additionally makes remote printer units. To reinstall the remote printer, you don’t make a physical association with the PC in Step 6. Rather, the installation wizard strolls you through interfacing your HP printer to the Internet and after that to your PC.
  • Hewlett Packard makes several printer models, and the guidelines can change marginally. Counsel your client manual or HP’s specialized bolster office if you experience any difficulty reinstalling your HP printer.


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