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How to protect your mobile phone from virus attack?


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If you are still coping with threats to your system, then be ready to do the same with your mobile phone, especially the high-end ones that are enabled with internet. Mobile phones are now more vulnerable to virus attacks and the risk has increased manifold in the last few years.

With mobile phones without IMEI number flooding in the market, this risk has increased a lot. Virus can attack files like games, software, security patches, and ad-on functionalities of your mobile. However, with the problem comes a solution as well. There are ways, which can help you protect your mobile from an attack by viruses or malware. All you need to do is to be a little vigilant.

Steps to follow

The steps you should follow to protect your mobile include:

  • Mobile antivirus: You can download an antivirus application directly in your smartphone
  • Branded mobiles: make sure that you always choose a mobile from a recognized brand, which come with IMEI number.
  • Scan your mobile: Once you download an antivirus application in your phone, remember to scan your mobile often to search for any virus.
  • Turn off Bluetooth: Bluetooth is another way through which unknown applications or virus can make way into your mobile, so when in unknown places, it is better to turn the Bluetooth function off.

The bright side for mobile users

The numbers of mobile malware and worms are constantly on the rise, as virus writers creates new ways of attacking software run by mobile phones. When on one side virus attacks on mobile is increasing at a fast pace, on the other side expanding field of mobile communications also offer opportunity of designing security in a proper manner. Other than installing mobile antivirus, you should follow some precautionary steps to make sure that your mobile stay away from virus attack. When you surf the net from your mobile, ensure that you download content from a reliable website only.

Other points to remember to protect your mobile device

  • Some of the other points, which you should keep in mind include:
  • Avoid downloading unknown software from internet
  • It is also recommended to maintain a backup of your contact list
  • When accepting content and programs like videos, mobile themes, photos, etc. verify the source, especially while downloading from the web.
  • If you have Bluetooth, then put it on non-discoverable mode, and never accept data, which comes from sources you do not trust.
  • You can also use password to protect your device, as this helps to prevent the use of data stored in your phone.

Update virus database and stay away from malicious messages

Just like your system, keep the virus database of your mobile antivirus updated all the time, so that it can protect your mobile from new viruses, which can creep into it. Even though viruses created for mobile phones are not very damaging, but the future is unpredictable, so you should be prepared for the worst attacks. Viruses can also spread through multimedia messages, so keep away from sharing such messages, as these can be malicious.

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