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How to Perform a Disk Cleanup in Windows 8 Computer?


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Disk Cleanup is a utility tool that comes bundled with the operating system. Disk Cleanup cleans up the space in your hard drive by removing unused files from your hard drive to make your computer faster. Do you know how to access and use Disk Cleanup on Windows 8? Here’s a video that helps you with that.

How to open Disk Cleanup in Windows 8?

You can open Disk Cleanup in Windows 8 in different ways. Following steps and tips will guide you through accessing Disk Cleanup in Windows 8.

From Administrative Tools:

You can access Administrative Tools from either Control Panel or Start Screen. You can access ‘Administrative Tools’ from ‘Control Panel’. You can access ‘Control Panel’ from Start Screen, Computer icon, Task Bar, or Desktop Icon. Once you access ‘Control Panel’, click ‘Administrative Tools’. You can also add tools you are using under ‘All Apps’ and ‘Start Screen’. Once you show all the tools under Administrative Tools on the Start Screen, you can access those including Disk Cleanup from the All Apps list and the Start Screen.

Using Search Charm:

One of the easiest methods to access Disk Cleanup in Windows 8 is via the Charms bar. First open Charms bar, select ‘Search’ and now enter ‘Disk Cleanup’. Select ‘Settings’ and click ‘Free up disk space by deleting unnecessary files’. Thus, you can access Disk Cleanup utility.

Using Run:

Go to Start Screen, right-click to find ‘All Apps’ and find ‘Run’ dialog box. Click ‘Run’ to open the Run dialog box. When the ‘Run’ dialog box opens, type in the executable file name of the Disk Cleanup which is ‘Cleanmgr.exe’.

From the Start Screen:      

If you are going to use Disk Cleanup utility frequently, then pin the tool to either Start by clicking ‘Pin to Start’ or to the taskbar by choosing ‘Pin to taskbar’. Once you pinned it, you get one-click access to the Disk Cleanup utility from Task Bar or Start Screen.

Now that you have accessed and opened Disk Cleanup utility, you can declutter your computer to make free spaceon the hard disk drive, improve performance and speed of your computer. Now the question is what kind of files and folder you need to delete using Disk Cleanup Utility?

Types of files and junks you can remove using Disk Cleanup are –

Delete temporary files

Clear Cache

Delete system file

Follow these steps below to run Disk Cleanup to remove temporary files

Disk Cleanup utility can be used to clear temporary files, dump files, clear Recycle bin and other unnecessary temporary files. Open Disk Cleanup utility from

Search Charm

Administrative Tools

Run command

Start Screen.

After you open Disk Cleanup Utility –

Choose a drive that you want to clean.

Next, Windows will automatically calculate the volume of space you can save by running Disk Cleanup tool.

You will find a list of temporary files that can be deleted including ‘Downloaded Program Files’, ‘Temporary Internet Files’, ‘Offline Webpages’, ‘Recycle Bin’, ‘Log Files’ and many more. You can select as many files you need to. Check the boxes beside the file name you want to delete. Some items are checked by default, you can check more files you we want to clean. Make sure you have checked boxes carefully as you cannot restore the files you remove using Disk Cleanup utility.

Click ‘Ok’ once you are certain of the files you want to remove.

Cleaning up process will take some time and is a little tedious, but, once your PC will clear those files completely, you will notice significant improvement in your PC performance.

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