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How to Network Quickbooks POS


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QuickBooks Point of Sale is one of the most popular small business retail sales tracking and analysis products. Many small businesses initially need only a single “cash register” workstation running one copy of the Quick Books Point of Sale software. As a company grows, it eventually develops a need for additional employees to be able to access the company’s retail point of sale information. This is easily accomplished by networking the existing point of sale server with a point of sale client system.

Log in as an administrator to the secondary workstation that you wish to become the QuickBooks Point of Sale client.

Temporarily disable any antivirus product on the client machine.

  • Tell the agent you wish to purchase a “POS client” license and give the agent your credit card information when requested.
  • Make note of the QB POS client license number given to you by the agent.
  • Request a “validation code” in advance from the agent for later activation. Make note of the activation code.
  • Insert the original QB POS CD into the new “client” workstation and allow it to begin the installation.
  • Choose “Yes” when the installation process finds your QB POS Server and displays a message similar to “A QB POS Server was found – ServerA – do you wish to network your current workstation as a client?” Enter the new QB POS client license number when the setup process requests that information, then click “OK.”
  • Continue through the prompts, until installation is completed. The software may or may not request you to reboot; if so, remove the QB POS CD, then reboot before proceeding.
  • Open QB POS on the new client workstation. The initial opening of QB POS will display a message requesting a “validation code.” Enter the validation code you received in advance, during the earlier phone call with the agent. QB POS client will validate, find the QB POS server and begin functioning. Close QB POS on the client workstation.
  • Login to the QB POS Server (the original QB POS machine). If QB POS is not running, start QB POS. Click the “Help” option, then click “Manage My License,” then click “Sync License Data Online.” QB POS will now update Intuit’s license information and sync with your QB POS installation.


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