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How to Load Photo Paper Into a Canon Pixma Printer


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Canon Pixma printers support several types of paper, counting photo paper. Photo paper is used for printing digital images because the aspect of the paper is higher than basic printing paper. Since photo paper has an exact printing side, you must insert it into the printer perfectly to assure a proper printout. Load your photo paper into the Canon Pixma perfectly for high-quality prints.

Auto Feed Tray

  • Turn on the printer and click the Paper Feed switch until the Auto Sheet Feeder indicator light turns on.
  • Pause on the paper sheet feeder on the top and back of the printer and drop out the paper support.
  • Take a stack of no more than 10 pieces of photo paper and crush the corners, if they are coiled. Coiled corners may cause jams within the printer.
  • Area the paper in the paper sheet feeder with the printable side of the paper facing up. The printable side of photo paper is the slick or whiter side of the paper.
  • Print your documents as required.

Paper Tape

  • Switch on the printer and click the Paper Feed switch until the tape indicator light turns on.
  • Pull on the tape on the bottom of the printer to drop it out of the printer.
  • Crush the corners of a stack of no more than 10 sheets of photo paper if the corners are coiled. The paper may become jammed in the printer if the corners are coiled.
  • Place the stack of paper in the tape so the paper is touching the right side and the printing side of the paper is facing down. Adjust the plastic paper model so they touch the paper. The paper stacks models help simplify the paper moving into the printer.
  • Slide the tape back into the bottom of the printer. The printer is ready for printing.

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