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How to Install the Driver for a Canon Scanner


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Canon may be best known for their line of photography equipment such as cameras, but they also create scanners. Scanners are capable of copying a document and then reproducing an identical copy. Some high end scanners can even handle photos and film. Like other computer peripherals, the Canon scanners need to have drivers installed first before the Windows operating system is able to use them. They usually come with a CD for installation, but there are multiple ways to get the scanner up and running.

  • Connect the scanner to your computer and let Windows automatically search for drivers using its plug and play feature. Most of the time Windows will know which drivers to install without further assistance.
  • Insert a CD that came with the scanner and run any driver program that might have come on it. Some scanners have an automatic installation program on the CD that will install the drivers.
  • Click “Start,” then “Control Panel.” Under “Hardware and Sound,” click on “Scanners and Cameras.”
  • Click “Refresh” if you do not see the scanner listed.
  • Click on “Add a Device” if you still don’t see the Canon scanner listed. Windows will search for the scanner, so make sure it is properly connected to your computer. Once it finds the scanner, select it and click “Next.”
  • Follow the install wizard instructions which will usually prompt you to insert any driver CD that came with the scanner as it will have the best drivers.


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