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How to Install Microsoft Office Over a Network


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Your days of going from workstation to workstation with a software installation CD are over. You can install volume-licensed Microsoft Office software on multiple workstations from a central installation point on your network. The Office Customization Tool (OCT) is provided with every volume-licensed Office product. Use the OCT to configure the product setup options, such as the product key and silent or hidden installation processes. This will prevent your users from changing the configuration options or using unauthorized product keys during the setup process.

Log on to the computer or server that will store the Microsoft Office setup files. Create a new folder or directory for the files. This is your software installation point.

Insert the Microsoft Office installation CD into the CD drive. Copy the files and folders from the CD to the folder or directory you created in Step 1.

Give network users read-only permission to the folder or directory containing the Office installation files. Modify the login script on the server to include a drive mapping to the installation point.

Run “setup.exe /admin” at the root of the installation point from a client computer. Highlight the Office program you want to install. Click “OK.”

Select “Installation location and organization name” from the left pane. Type a path for the location of the program files on the client computer in the “Default installation path” field. Type the name of your organization in the “Organization name” field.

Select “Licensing and user interface” from the left pane. Enter the Microsoft Office product key in the “Product Key” field. Check the box beside “I accept the terms in the License Agreement.”

Select “None” beneath “Display level” in the left pane. Select “File” and “Save.” Save the file in the same folder or directory that contains the Microsoft Office installation files.

Log in to a workstation as a user with administrative rights. Navigate to the mapped drive and folder containing the Microsoft Office installation files. Double-click “setup.exe” to install Microsoft Office.


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