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How to Install Microsoft Office Home & Student


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Microsoft Office Home and Student edition is the consumer version of this desktop office software suite. It includes the programs Excel, OneNote, PowerPoint and Word. Anyone with an Internet connection can download a free trial of Microsoft’s software to install and use for 60 days. After that, the product must be purchased.

Install Microsoft Office Home and Student

Type “” into your browser’s address bar and wait for Microsoft’s Office Online website to load. Under the “Your Home” text along the bottom row of content, click the link “Office 2007 At Home”. When the page loads, click “Check out Office Home and Student 2007” and wait for this page to load. Click the “download free trial” button, then “download now”. You’ll be asked to fill out some registration information, then click “Continue”. Finally, click “Download Now!” Your download will begin, save it to your Desktop.

Write down on a piece of paper the product key displayed on this Web page. It appears in a black-outlined box and is 25 characters long, separated by hyphens. Be careful to get this correct.

Double-click the Microsoft Office set-up file that you’ve saved to your desktop. It may have a file name that begins with “X16”. This will launch Microsoft’s set up wizard. You will now be prompted for the product key you wrote down. Enter it in and click “Next”.

Click “I agree” in the new window that appears. Continue to follow the steps in the set up wizard, clicking “next” and agreeing to terms of service where required. A progress bar indicates how close your installation is to completion.


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