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How to Install Drivers


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Drivers are the software components that allow computer hardware to function. By default, a computer does not know what to do when a device connects to it. Therefore, most systems come with drivers for such parts as the video card and Universal Serial Bus (USB) ports. When a new device, such as a wireless mouse, is connected to a computer for the first time, a driver is automatically installed. Some devices may have additional software on a CD.

Open the “Device Manager” utility. Press “Start,” search for “Device Manager” and hit “Enter,” or access the Device Manager via the Control Panel.

Find your device on the Device Manager list. The Device Manager splits up different pieces of hardware in terms of their functions. For example, webcams are listed under “Imaging Devices.”

Right-click the device and press “Properties.” Press “Install” or “Update” drivers. Your system automatically updates and installs drivers for you.

Verify that the hardware is working. For example, if you connected a mouse for the first time, try moving it around to see if the pointer moves as well. If it does not, it may require special software (which is generally found on a CD in the retail box). It may also be incompatible with your system.


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