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How to install Drivers for Dell® Studio 1555 System?


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What are the tips to install drivers on Dell Studio 1555 system?

Dell Studio 1555 System is powered with Intel Core 2 Duo T6600 processor with 2.2 GHz processing speed. Its DDR SDRAM offers maximum 3 GB storage space. To get the permanent storage area, it uses Serial ATA hard disk with 320 GB storage space. ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4570 graphics card provides the features to perform graphic functions. Device driver is the software part of the hardware component. While installing the Operating system, it can automatically install the video driver, audio driver, keyboard driver etc. Also basic driver software comes with the motherboard driver software. While installing the motherboard driver default drivers are automatically install in your system. Driver updates would help you to increase the system performance.

Given below the tips to find, download, install and configure drivers on Dell Studio 1555 System:

  • Ethernet drivers
  • Video driver
  • Audio driver

Ethernet drivers

 To get Internet access in Dell Studio 1555, you need to install both Ethernet card and its driver software. It is better that you need to visit the hardware manufacturer’s website. After downloading the set-up file, correctly follow the instructions in the installation wizard. You can easily install the driver software. To configure the Ethernet driver, you need to enable or disable some properties of your Ethernet driver.

 Video driver

 You need to visit the video card manufacture’s website to download the video driver and install it using the downloaded file. By properly following the instructions in the installation wizard you can easily complete the installation process. After installing the driver software you may configure the video driver by enabling or disabling properties of installed video driver.

 Audio driver

In order to install audio driver in Dell Studio 1555, you need to visit the audio card manufacture’s sites. By providing the name of your audio card with model number you can easily download audio driver in your system. To install the driver software you need to run the downloaded file and properly follow the instructions in the installation wizard. After perfectly installing the driver you need to disable some of unnecessary properties for your audio card.



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