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How to Install Audio Output


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Whenever you reinstall a Windows operating system, perform updates or install certain programs, your sound devices may become corrupt or get deleted. Once these drivers are gone, the audio output on your computer also vanishes. If you have no sound, lack sound in some applications or experience distorted playbacks, you will want to update your computer’s output sound drivers. This simple process can be accomplished quickly by downloading the latest drivers from your manufacturer’s website.

Click the Windows “Start” button and click the “Control Panel.”

Double-click “System” and click the “Hardware” tab. Click the “Device Manager” button.

Scroll down the device manager and click “Sound, Video and game controllers.” If you see a yellow exclamation mark on the sound category, then your output drivers are either corrupt or missing. You need to install them so you can have audio output.

Navigate to your computer manufacturer’s website and click “Support.” Look for the downloads area and locate the sound drivers that work with your computer. Type in your model number if there is a category for it, so you can be automatically pointed to the right drivers. Many computer manufacturers’ websites such as Gateway have categories where you can place your model number, and you will automatically be instructed on the output sound drivers to install.

Click the “Download” link on your drivers after you have found the right ones and click “Run.” The drivers will download and the installation will automatically open. Click “I Accept” after reading the terms and agreements. Select the location to install the drivers to and finish the installation.


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