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How to Install an HP Photosmart Printer


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HP Photosmart printers are compact printers built specifically for printing high-quality photographs from digital files. With built-in card readers and a USB port, later models of the Photosmart printer series don’t even require a computer to print. Installing the HP Photosmart printer will allow you to directly print images from your computer.

  • Plug in the power cord. Connect the power cord from the back of the printer to a wall outlet.
  • Install the ink cartridge. Open the cartridge package and remove the tape that is covering the copper contacts. Insert the cartridge into the cartridge cradle, with the contacts facing towards the printer and the nozzle pointing down. Push the cartridge into the cradle until you feel it snap in.
  • Load the sample card that came with the printer and turn on the printer by pressing the “On” button. Press the “OK” button to calibrate the printer.
  • Insert the Product CD that came with the PhotoSmart Printer and follow the onscreen instructions to install the drives and a software suite recommended for most users.
  • Connect the printer to the computer using the USB cable and follow the onscreen instructions to install the Photosmart Printer. Print a picture to test the printer by right-clicking on a digital photo on your computer and selecting “Print.”


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