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How to Install an HP OfficeJet Ink Cartridge


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The HP OfficeJet printer line encompasses a number of all-in-one printers that allow you to print, fax and scan documents. If you print often, it is necessary to periodically replace your ink cartridges. Replacing an expired ink cartridge only takes a few minutes and requires a new ink cartridge designed to fit your specific OfficeJet printer. Although there are different models of OfficeJet printers, installing an ink cartridge is a relatively universal task.

  • Turn the printer on by pressing the power button once. Lift the cartridge panel, located on the right side of the printer, to gain access to the ink cartridges.
  • Grasp the top of the cartridge that you want to remove and pull it toward you. Lift the cartridge out of the printer cartridge bay. Note that there are two cartridges: one is black ink and the other is colored ink. You can recognize which cartridge is colored ink by a blue cover and which cartridge is black by a black cover. Remove only the cartridge that you plan to replace, or one at a time if you plan to replace both.
  • On the new cartridge, pull the pink plastic tab, exposing the copper printer contacts. Discard the pink plastic tab. Ensure that you do not touch the copper contacts or ink nozzles, as doing so can damage the ink cartridge and printer.
  • Insert the new ink cartridge into the cartridge bay and push the top forward until it clicks into place. Ensure that you insert the cartridge in the same direction that you removed the old ink cartridge, keeping the black or blue cover facing upward.
  • Load paper into the feed tray and press the “OK” button on the printer control panel. Note that you might need to press “Setup,” press “Tools” and then select “Align Print Cartridge” depending on your model of OfficeJet printer. Wait while the OfficeJet printer prints an alignment page. Throw the page away once it is finished.


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