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How to install an Epson printer using the driver update service in Windows 7


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This article will explain you how to use the Windows 7 update feature to install the latest driver for your printer.

Connect the printer to your computer via a USB cable and power on the printer

A notification box will show up at the bottom right hand corner of the system tray to inform you that a new device has been found

Click on the “Start button”

Click on “Devices and Printer”

Next you will find a list of installed printers.

Right-click on the printer which is labeled as your printer name

Next, left-click on the “Properties” option in the menu that appears

On the new window which opens next, click on the option that says “Update to Latest Version

Next, you will be asked to confirm that is OK to connect to the internet to check for driver updates

Click “OK” to continue

The software will now go online to check for the latest driver. If successful, a screen will appear informing you that a new driver has been found

Click on “Yes” to begin downloading the update

Next download driver download will begin. Once complete, the window below will appear confirming this

Click OK to continue

On the new window that opens, ensure the correct printer name is displayed and then click OK to proceed

Accept the license agreement to continue

Select the geographical area that corresponds to your location

Next click “OK” to continue

On the next screen

Click “Install

When prompted, ensure that the printer is powered on and connected to the computer via USB

Finally, a message will appear informing you that installation is complete

Click “OK” to conclude the installation process.



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