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How to install a FTP server in Windows 7?


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Having an FTP server along with your web server has benefits of it’s own. You can transfer files very easily to and from your server. Also, editing files on your web server is a breeze if you enable FTP.

Now, we will tell you how you can install a FTP Web server along with your IIS web server in Windows 7. Please note that installation of FTP and the IIS Web server are not inter-dependent, which means you need not compulsorily install a web server in order to install an FTP server and vice-versa.

  1. Go to¬†Control Panel > Programs. Then click on “Turn Windows features on or off”.
  2. Now from the list that opens, locate the option for Internet Information Services and select FTP Server. Click on OK. Installation will take some time.After your FTP server is installed, you can check the installation using an ftp client by entering localhost as the hostname and 21 as the port number.

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