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How to Install a Dell Printer


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Installing a Dell printer can be nice. Most are play and play; just by plugging the USB cable in you are on your way. Sometimes though there can be a bit more to it than that.


1-Determine whether your printer uses a USB, LPT, or serial (COM) port connection. It is most unlikely that it would be a com and since serial ports and LPTs are a little alike I will start with LPTs.

2-Determine what cable you need. A com will be a DB9 or DB25. This means the port or plugin in to your printer will look like the letter D /_::_\ and may have 9 or 25 pins in side it. An LPT or serial will be a big D /_—-_\ with a double sided set of gold plates going down the center. A USB is small in size and shaped like a D.

 3-Look at your printer and find out the model # and write this down. You may need to look for a service Tag # as well and write this down. You may need these or not but better to look now before your all hooked up and think you are ready to print.

 4-Print a test print buy holding down the ready button and pressing the power button. Hold the ready button for a count of ten and let go. In this way 90% of all printers will go in to a test print and give one of many types of printouts. Don’t worry if this does not work, it can be just a different button.

 5-Hook up your cables. In the cases of Serial ports and LPTs you will need your computer off for this. When you are done hooking them up turn on the printer first and then power up your computer. If all goes well your computer will see the printer and ask you if you want to install it. That would be a YES.

6-Allow the computer to hunt for the appropriate drivers. If the computer does not automatically find the drivers for your printer, insert the disks which came with the printer. If all went well your new LPT printer is installed and ready for printing.

7-Alternately, you can find your printer driver on the internet by surfing to the printer manufacturer’s site and clicking on “drivers”


8-Plug in your USB. If all is well your computer will see it and start installing your drivers. In a minute you will be printing. If it does not have the right drivers it will ask you if it can go online to find them.

If you are facing any kind of issue in Dell printer call us on our toll-free  number 1-800-293-9401.

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