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How to Install a Brother Printer


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Brother, a large printer manufacturer, makes many different models using both laser and inkjet methods of printing. Brother also sells multifunction, all-in-one printers that copy, scan, print and fax. Installation varies by model, but most follow the steps below.

Installation steps

Turn on your computer. Connect the printer USB cable to an open USB slot on your computer. Turn on the printer.

Insert the installation CD. Some printers install automatically, but the CD contains software that may make the printer easier to use. If you have it, check the documentation to see what the CD contains.

Install the software if desired or necessary to utilize all the printer’s functions. Follow the CD’s on-screen instructions.

Insert the ink cartridges and paper. Different printer models use different kinds of ink. Check the specific Brother model documentation to verify how to install the ink .

Check printer setup by printing a test page. After installing the Brother printer, you can verify it is working by printing a test page. Click on “Control Panel > Printers > Brother Model > Properties > Maintenance > Print Test Page. If the test page fails, consult the documentation for troubleshooting tips.


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