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How to Import the Outlook Calendar into a Word Document


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Microsoft Outlook does not include an export feature that imports calendars into Microsoft Word. By using WinCalendar, the Outlook add-in, however, you can import the Outlook calendar into other programs, such as Microsoft Word. When installed, WinCalendar is added to Word and other Microsoft Office applications for quick access. You can customize the calendar before importing it into Word. You will need to share the Outlook calendar before it’s imported. WinCalendar works with Microsoft Outlook 2007 and above.

Sharing Outlook Calendar

Start Outlook and select the “Calendar” tab from the left navigation pane.

Select the “Share My Calendar” link from “My Calendars” in the left pane. A “Sharing Invitation” window opens.

Click the “To” field to select the person you’re sharing the calendar with, or type in the e-mail address manually.

Select “Allow recipient to view your calendar” and click the “Send” button.

Using Outlook Add-In

Install the WinCalendar Outlook add-in on your computer.

Open a new document in Microsoft Word.

Select “WinCalendar” and “Insert Calendar” from the toolbar. The “WinCalendar — Insert Calendar” dialog box appears.

Select your calendar settings for the date range, calendar size, orientation and colors.

Check “Show Microsoft Calendar Data” in the “Data & Format” section.

Click the “Setup” button. The “WinCalendar — Import Outlook Calendar Setup” dialog box appears.

Select the calendar you want to import from the “List of available calendars.”

Select any options you want to display: “Show End Time,” “Show Location,” “Show Long Description” and/or “Show Holidays as listed in Outlook.”

“Click “OK” twice to load the calendar on your page. Do not click on the Word screen until the calendar loads in Word.


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