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How to Get Microsoft Office for Mac


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The Microsoft Office for Mac application is a software suite that includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access. Depending on the Office version, Entourage may also be included in the software suite, according to the Mactopia website. If you wish to test the software prior to purchasing it, you can download the trial software from the official Microsoft website and use it for a limited, 30-day period. Once the trial expires, you must purchase a product key through the software to continue using it.

Visit the official Mactopia Downloads page on the Microsoft site.

Click the “Download Now” button underneath the “Office 2008 Home and Student Edition Full Version” or “Office 2008 for Mac Business Edition Full Version” to purchase the Microsoft Office software. Follow the onscreen instructions to pay for the software.

Click “Download Free Trial” to download the trial version of Office 2008 for Mac, enter your email address and name, and click “Sign Up Now.” Click the “Download Now” button to begin your download. Write down the temporary product key located on the Microsoft site, which will be used later to activate your software.

Double-click the downloaded Microsoft Office .dmg file to run the installation wizard, and click “Continue” and “Agree” to agree to the software’s license agreement.

Enter the product key, and click “Next.” Select the destination folder you wish to use for the software on your hard drive.

Click “Next” and “Install” to begin the installation process. Click “Finish” and restart your computer once the installation wizard is complete.


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