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How to Fix Wireless Brother Printer


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The wireless capacities of Brother’s line of printers eliminate the hassles of connecting electrical cable and keeping them out of view. Most Brother wireless printers permit the user to finish a few tasks with a similar printer. Besides printing, these printers additionally support scanning and faxing. Maybe the most common issue connected with these printers is the failure to print anything by at all. To maintain a much of the guesswork typically connected troubleshooting a printer, Brother wireless printers utilize a digital display screen that often gives an error message. In any case, one error message frequently includes a few issues.

Printer Fails to Print

If the printer fails to print, first ensure the printer’s electrical power supply cord is plugged into a wall outlet and that the “On/Off” key, located on top of the printer, is pressed. If the printer has power, determine if the printer is online. Click the “Start” button on the desktop, and then select “Printers and Faxes.” Right-click one time on the printer’s symbol and ensure that the “Use Printer Offline” selection does not have a checkmark by it. If a checkmark appears, left-click one time on “Use Printer Offline.”


If the printer still fails to print, ensure the PC can read the wireless signal. Every wireless access router has a unique network settings number programmed into the unit by the plant, as well as network name. If this data is unknown, contact the manufacturer and be prepared to give the unit’s serial number. Press the “5” button on the printer to display the “Network” option, trailed by “2” to enter the “Setup Wizard.” When the display read, “WLAN Enable?,” press the “1” button to accept. Scroll through the network settings numbers by passing the arrow keys on the printer until the network’s name appears, then press the “OK” button. Enter the network settings number utilizing the printer’s keypad, then press “OK.” The printer may take a couple of minutes to connect with the PC, and when it does, the printer will display a “Connected” message.

Error Messages

If the printer delivers a “No Paper Fed” message, either the printer is out of printing paper or there is a paper jam. After loading the printer with paper or clearing a paper jam, press either the “Black Start” or the “Color Start” button. An “Out of Memory” message implies that the printer’s memory is full. This message ordinarily shows up if the fax or scan function are in used and the machine is in process of scanning or faxing documents. Press the “Stop/Exit” button, and then wait for the primary task to finish. The “Out of Memory” message will likewise display if a memory card or USB drive does not have enough memory for the attempted task. Either upgrade to a device with a bigger limit or erase files from the existing device.


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