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How to Fix the Open Door Error for the HP OfficeJet D125XI


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The HP Officejet D125XI is one of Hewlett Packard’s all-in-one printers that can print and in addition make copies and scan document. Different error messages will display on the D125XI’s display panel, filling you in as to whether a print cartridge should be replaced or if there is a paper jam in the printer. If an error goes ahead the screen that says there is an open door on the printer, there are steps to take after to resolve the issue and clear the error message.


  • Open and closet the cartridge access door on the D125XI. Verify whether the open door error is as yet displaying.
  • Look over the printer’s cartridge door to ensure nothing is blocking it from closing totally. Pay attention to any packing materials, little bits of paper, or whatever else little that could even marginally obstruct the door from closing completely. Open the cartridge door and remove anything you think might impede the door.
  • Turn the printer off by pushing the power button. Unplug the power cord from its outlet and from the back of the printer. Additionally detach the printer’s USB cord. Hold up 30 seconds, then reconnect the power and USB cords. Press the power button and check whether the error message is as yet displaying.
  • Take the printer to service shop if the open door error message is as yet displaying.

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