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How to Fix the Canon MX850


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Canon’s Pixma MX850 printer offers a large number of features and functions and almost supplants the need to own or utilize a PC. In addition printing, the MX850 reads photos from memory cards and consequently repairs bad pictures, supports Bluetooth and Ethernet connections, and, obviously, can copy, scan and fax documents. Canon additionally prepared the machine to caution you about issues and errors, and troubleshooting these issues is similarly as pleasing.


  • Replace the ink tank if you see any of the following error codes: “U041,” “U163” or “U130.” Press the “OK” button to briefly keep utilizing the printer in the after getting the U041 mistake. Press the “Stop/Reset” button to mindfully and sparingly utilize the printer in the after getting the U163 and U130 error codes; in any case, keeping on utilizing the printer in these two states can harm the machine.
  • Check the memory card that is holding your photos, if you get the following mistake message: “There is no photograph data.” The format of the photograph files won’t not be perfect with the printer. The file name of the photograph may have an awkward format, for example, symbols and punctuations. If the photographs were at first exchanged from the memory card to a PC for altering and afterward spared back to the memory card that can make the photograph contrary with the printer.
  • Shut down the printer and unplug its cord from the power source if you get the following mistake message while in scanning mode: “Scanner is not operating properly.” Wait no less than five minutes and connect the printer back to the outlet. Turn the printer back on. If these activities don’t dispense with the error message, contact Canon for help.
  • Resend faxes utilizing the “Black” button, if you see the following fax transmission error message: “Attempt again in black and white.” This error basically implies that the getting fax machine can’t acknowledge color faxes.
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