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How to Fix Streaks on HP Laser Printers


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HP Laser Printers are widely used in both professional business environments and home offices. They are reliable and fast, but occasionally you may find streaks or blank spaces on your printed documents. Although it may seem as though you need to call an expert or purchase a new printer that is not the case. You can correct the most common causes of documents printing incorrectly with just a few quick troubleshooting steps.

  • Redistribute the toner by removing the cartridge and wiggling it gently from back to front. If the cartridge is depleted, replace it. Wipe the old cartridge with a lint-free cloth. Make sure you have removed any tape from a new cartridge before placing it inside the printer.
  • Follow standard cleaning procedures. First, unplug the printer, then remove the toner cartridge. Wipe down the printer path with a lint-free cloth. Use the cloth to wipe out the toner cavity (the space inside the printer where the toner cartridge fits), then reinsert the toner cartridge.
  • Make sure the paper you are using is the correct type. If the paper is too rough or is not meant for use with your printer, you are likely to experience printing issues.
  • Adjust the toner density setting on the printer’s control panel. You can access this setting by pressing the menu key on the front of the printer. You can find the full menu in your printer’s manual.
  • Clean the internal mirror by blowing canned air through the printer itself. Canned air is simply a pressurized aerosol can which blows air forcefully enough to remove dust and debris, but will not harm your electronic equipment. Paper dust and toner can settle on the mirrors and lasers, causing printing issues.


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