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How to Fix HP Scanner Problems


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HP scanners are a range of models that are used to scan both photos and documents onto your computer. Popular scanners manufactured by HP include the Scanjet series, Photosmart scanners, Network scanners and E-Scanners. Although each scanner is different, you can use some general methods to fix HP scanners.


Uninstall the software for your HP scanner. If your issue seems to be software related, you should uninstall and install the HP scanner software. To do this, go to “Add/Remove Programs” on your desktop. Find the HP scanner program and click the “Uninstall” option. Once this is complete, reinsert the HP scanner software CD-ROM and follow the installation instructions.

Disable start-up items in Windows. Some Windows programs can adversely affect the scanned images produced by a HP scanner. Fix this problem by going to the “Run” menu on Windows. Enter “MSCONFIG” to open the system configuration window. Choose “Selective Start-up” and un-check all of the programs listed within this menu.

Disconnect all of the cables and turn off the power source of the HP scanner. To fix a strange mechanical noise from the device, turn the scanner off and then reconnect the cables and power source after waiting one minute.

Install any driver updates for your HP scanner. An outdated driver can also cause your HP scanner to malfunction. Resolve this problem by downloading a new driver from the HP Support website.

Clean the glass of your HP scanner. Dirt can build up under the glass of the scanner and cause it to stop working properly. To clean under the glass, you will need to pry up the glass using a flat head screwdriver. You may need a Phillips screwdriver as well if a screw is in place at the back of the scanner’s glass. Use glass cleaner and a dry cloth to wipe away any dust and debris. Re-install the glass using the Phillips screwdriver.

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