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How to Fix HP 5510 Printer


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The HP 5510 printer is an all-in-one printer capable of making copies, scanning documents and of course, printing excellent documents. This printer has a lot of functions, so when something turns out wrong it might be a little difficult to identify the cause. Fortunately, there are some troubleshooting steps you can take to identify and fix whatever is causing the printer to malfunction.


  • Check all physical and additionally networked connections. If the PC can be accessed to via a physical connection yet not a networked one, check the status of your network, as that might be the source of the issue.
  • Clean the copy glass. If your copies come out grainy or have unusual splotches on them, the copy glass may be dirty. Dampen a soft cloth with some glass cleaner and wipe the copy glass to clear any dirt or particulates that may meddle with normal operation.
  • Perform a self- test. If the issue just occurs with the printing function, perform a self-test by pressing the “Setup” button on the printer, followed by the 1 and afterward the 4 on the numeric keypad. Once the self-test prints out, you can check whether there are any issues with the ink cartridges or printhead.
  • Restore printer to default settings. If the printer is not printing things the way it normally does, you can restore its default settings by pressing the “Setup” button followed by the 5, and afterward the 3 button on the numeric keypad.
  • If the self-test does identifies issues with your ink cartridge, most of the operations you have to take to fix the issue- – print head alignment, cartridge cleaning- – are automated and can be launched from the “Setup” menu.


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