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How to Fix HP 4280


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While utilizing your HP Deskjet F4280, you may experience issues with its operation, for example, paper jamming inside the machine or the printer not functioning at all when you upgrade to Windows 7. Rather than paying a trained technician to work on your HP Deskjet F4280, spare yourself time waiting for a shop to make repairs and also the money you would pay the shop by troubleshooting simple issues with the printer yourself.


Paper Jams

  • Hold down both the “Power” and “Cancel” buttons while the printer is turned on. Hold up as the printer attempts to print a self test page.
  • Take out all of the loose paper in the printer’s input and output tray. Do not to pull out any stuck paper at this time.
  • Turn off the printer and unplug the power cord. Open the printer’s back door by pushing on the tab on the left side and open the printer’s front door by swinging it down.
  • Pull out any stuck paper inside the machine. Rotate roller totally and remove any little shreds of paper stuck to the rollers.
  • Clean all of the printer’s rollers utilizing a microfiber cloth hosed with distilled water. Leave the printer’s door open for 15 minutes, then close them and plug the power cord.
  • Reset the machine if it still will not feed paper. Turn on the printer, then pull out the power cord from the back of the printer and the power plug. Hold up 15 seconds, then plug the power cord to at both ends.

Won’t Work With Windows 7

  • Remove the USB cord from the back of the printer. Click on the Windows button at the lower left corner of the screen and select “All Programs.”
  • Select “HP,” then the 4280’s program folder. Click on “Uninstall” and take after the onscreen instructions to remove the printer.
  • Click on the Windows button and type “Print” in the “Search Programs and Files” box. Click on “Print Management,” then double click on “Print Servers” and right-click on the 4280’s symbol. Select “Properties.”
  • Select the tab labeled “Drivers,” click on the driver for the 4280, then click on the “Remove” button. Select the “Remove Driver and Driver Package” and click “OK.” After the removal procedure completes, click the “Apply” button and restart the system.
  • Reinstall the printer’s software by clicking on the “Support and Drivers” tab and entering “Deskjet 4280.” Select “Windows 7” for the operating system, then click on “Download” next to the driver. Download and open the installation software, then take after the software’s onscreen instruction.



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