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How to Fix Grinding on the Dell 1720DN Printer


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The Dell 1720dn is a monochrome laser printer that is designed for home offices. The printer includes a built-in Ethernet jack to permit you to add the device to your home network. Unfortunately, after some time your printer can experience a paper jam where paper gets unstuck inside the printer and causes it to make a loud grinding noise. Removing a paper jam from your Dell 1720dn printer is simple, and soon your printer will no longer make a grinding noise every each print job.


  • Power off and disconnect your Dell 1720dn laser printer’s power cord to keep away from harm while working inside the printer. Slide the paper feed tray out of the base of the printer and remove any collapsed or folded up pieces of paper.
  • Pull on the front panel of the printer and open it to get to the inner components of the Dell 1720dn printer. Delicately pull out and remove the whole gray toner cartridge bay from within the printer. Place the toner cartridge bay in a dark zone, as excessive light can harm the cartridge and cause your future prints to fade.
  • Pull out any trapped paper underneath the focal point of the Dell 1720dn printer where the cartridge sound is housed and discord of it. Ensure that the paper does not tear during the removal procedure or the rest of the pieces can stall out inside the printer rollers during future print jobs.
  • Place the toner cartridge bay once again into the front of the Dell 1720dn laser printer. Ensure that the bay locks into place or else the printer won’t function correctly. Close the front panel of the printer and reconnect the power rope. Press the “Power” button to power the printer back on and print a test document to ensure that the paper jams have been totally cleared and that the grinding noise has gone away.


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