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How To Fix Dell wireless printer problems


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Fix your Dell wireless printer problems with this guide

Connecting your printer to a wireless network provides great convenience. Networking printing solved many problems in the office and home environments by allowing a costly hardware, the printer to be shared by more than one user. Now the introduction of wireless communication system in this service has made the task of sharing the printer resource much more easy and convenient without any hassles about data cabling and the problem encountered when shifting the PCs. Wireless Printer configuration used with Dell computers and printers is one such example. It requires the integration of several hardware and software system to set up the system and work smoothly. Dell, HP and Epson have come out with various models in wireless printers. Dell V313 Wireless, Dell V515W printers and Dell routers allow you to completely integrate and serve your needs of wireless network printing.

In this article we will discuss the problems that you could face with wireless Printers especially with Dell wireless printers.

  • How to set up a wireless printer?
  • How to connect to a network?
  • Some more information.

How to set up a wireless printer?

The first and foremost thing is to learn how to set up the wireless printer. No doubt, the wireless printing is extremely useful technology but it is not easy task to successfully configure the system having different platforms. The printers which can be networked are available with network adapter that can be directly plugged into a wireless router or it could be a wireless adapter for which router is not essential. When you are trying to print on a shared printer you may get an error message, “Access denied”, in which case you must ensure that the printer is shared.

How to connect to a network?

Connect the printer to the PC and add a new printer in the ‘Control panel’ from the ‘Add Printer’ Wizard and create a new port and assign the printer a name. You may also face the problem of not finding the name of printer in the list provide by ‘Add Printer’ wizard. You can find the printer by TCP/IP address in the same wizard. If your printer comes with a small screen then it should respond to any router within range. If it does not recognize then ensure that the router is configured to accept all devices which try to connect with correct password. Also be sure that it broadcasts its address correctly.

Some more information

The printer needs to be connected with right security if the router is having security keys, in which case you must set the type of security on the router by options in the printer. Since many computers are using the wireless printer you must select the best location for the printer. It must be placed in a spot accessible to all-in-home or office where required space for papers, ink can be stored and ensure that the printer is on.

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