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How to Fix Dell 1110 Yellow Lights


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The LED lights on the front of your Dell 1110 printer can tell you a great deal about the operation of the unit. When everything is working properly, you ought to see a steady green light on the front of the unit, or a flashing green light if the printer is really busy servicing a job. A yellow light means that the printer has detected an issue, and that operator intercession is required to get the printer working once more.


  • Pull the paper out of the Dell 1110 printer and check for jammed paper simply inside the printer. Reload the paper tray; being certain to push the paper sufficiently far forward that the printer detects it is there.
  • Open the print cartridge door and lift the laser toner cartridge out of the printer. Clean the range under the toner cartridge to expel any paper dust or ink deposit that could obstruct the sensors inside the printer.
  • Shake the toner cartridge and shake it forward and backward to redistribute the toner inside the cartridge. The yellow light can be activated when the Dell 1110 printer thinks the toner is low. Shaking the toner cartridge forward and backward redistributes the ink and permits you to get more life out of every cartridge.
  • Remove the printer link from the Dell 1110 and from the PC it is attached to. Reconnect the cable. A loose cable can bring about communication issues that turn on the yellow light.


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