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How to Fix an HP Photosmart Premium


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When experiencing issues while utilizing your HP Photosmart Premium printer, troubleshooting is important to determine the reason for the issue and assess how to correct it. Utilize troubleshooting steps to address issues including reduced print quality, error messages, installation and timely print processing.



  • Remove the USB cable from both the printer and PC. Plugging the USB cable to the devices before incited will prompt to issues installing and utilizing the printer.
  • Press the printer’s “Power” button to turn the printer, and after that hold up 60 seconds before pressing the “Power” button again to turn the printer back on. Restart the PC by clicking the “Start” or Windows button, then clicking the “Restart” button.
  • Remove the printer’s software from your PC by clicking the “Begin” or Windows button. Select the “Control Panel” icon, and afterward click the “Include/Remove Programs” symbol. Click the “Remove” button alongside the printer’s software.
  • Insert the printer’s establishment tray into the PC’s optical drive, and take after the headings on the screen to reinstall the printer’s software and drivers accurately on your PC. Connect the USB cable to the printer and PC once the software coordinates.

Slow Printing

  • Click the “File” choice at the highest point of the program you are utilizing to print. Select the “Print” alternative in the menu, then click on the draw down menu in the new window and click the printer to choose it. Pick the “Properties” button, and after that click the tab marked “Components.”
  • Click the drop-down menu named “Paper Type” and select the sort of paper you are imprinting on. Click the drop-down marked “Print Quality,” and pick the assignment of a lower quality setting than you have been utilizing.
  • Double-click the little printer symbol on the correct side of the assignment bar to check the evaluated ink levels of the cartridges. Replacement any cartridges that seem, by all accounts, to be running low on ink, since low cartridges can overheat the print head and prompt to moderate printing.


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